Zenator Board 50cc

Glynn Kerr is a great motorcycle designer. He is not only a great designer of actual motorcycles (such as the Fischer or some of the Voxan); he has also hand drawn many great motorcycle concepts. Most of the "Could be" concepts shown in magazines before the age of the Photoshop (and Oberdan Bezzi) were Glynn's.

He also is a great motorcycle design theorist. When I was a student, an Spanish magazine published a series of his articles, where he gave suggestions for future motorcycle designers. I remember the first one very well: Glynn explained there that, unlike cars, motorcycles are '2D' objects and tend to look flat; so it's important for a designer to give his motorcycle some volume, in order to avoid this.

OK, Glynn. I understand. But I'm trying the opposite. Just to see what happens, right?